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Husband beating wife and kid with belt, family violence and aggression. mother protecting child cuddling and hiding with hands. arguing and fighting, quarreling and abusing. vector in flat style.

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A Texas mom was filmed beating her teenage son with a belt in the road after she caught him driving her BMW on a joyride with his friend. "So we're out her in the streets looking for him, starting at his girlfriend's house. She made me bring a belt so she can whoop his ass in front of all his friends when.

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My dad used to hit me with a belt every other day, but it wasn't to correct me or because he cared. The principal wanted me to give permission for him to give my son two swats on his back end for Physically beating with a belt is the 'old' method of discipline and may have been necessary for some.

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She he have reported it to the police and hope that he gets a good cop. You don’t know the real world because if you were those little boys and he called the cops you know that nothing bad is going to happen to you. However if he called the police on those 2 little boys no one could predict what they would do to them.

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In the leaked video, the man can be seen brutally assaulting his 10-year-old son. Even when his son pleads for mercy and tells him that he will not lie again, the father can be seen at first hitting him with a belt and then lifting and slamming him on the bed. It does not stop there. In spite of the boy crying and apologising, this maniac of a father next goes on to kick his son. This video was.

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A father in Oklahoma brutally beat a local pastor after allegedly catching him in the act of inappropriately touching his 9-year-old son. The dad ran after Coghill and tackled him to the ground, reportedly fracturing his skull and cracking his left orbital socket.

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Hillary Adams posted video on YouTube of her father, an Ark. judge, beating her 17 times with belt in 2004, when she was 16 Crime Without Punishment Prime Day 2022 deals.

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Hillary Adams posted video on YouTube of her father, an Ark. judge, beating her 17 times with belt in 2004, when she was 16 Crime Without Punishment Prime Day 2022 deals.

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Up loaded by Derick Nyamara.

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The Bay Boy 1984 M/f belting by dad scene. Powerful scene from "The Bay Boy" where a teen boy and girl are caught kissing. Incidentally she is shocked to discover he is having an erection after kissing her. But the abusive father walks in on them and punches out the boy and then demands his daughter bend over the table and raise her panties so.

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Up loaded by Derick Nyamara. TV9 News: Idiot Father Beaten his Son and Daughter Mercilessly at Madhya Pradesh Download TV9 Kannada Android App: Subscribe to Tv9 K.

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A recap. Tua's Dad: - Was the only lefty in the family, so he forced Tua to be a lefty - Gave Tua the belt after making mistakes in high school games - Gave Tua pretty much no say about where he Soooooooo ESPN is just gonna be casual about Tua's dad beating him with a belt for poor play?.

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